October 18, 2019

Running SailPoint IIQ in Docker

At Navigate 2019, several people expressed interest in IDW’s containerized version of SailPoint IIQ, so here it is in publicly accessible form!

I’ve been using this containerized version to do virtually all of my local development since I created it. It takes about two minutes to have a brand new IdentityIQ system up and running with any IIQ version from 7.2 through 8.0. A modified version based on Docker Stack has also been used in Production.


To retrieve the build and documentation for this environment, check out the IdentityWorksLLC Gitlab sailpoint-docker page.


Use the build.sh script with appropriate arguments to build your container image, and then simply run docker-compose up to start it. You can choose to build a container with an IIQ ZIP file from Compass, an existing WAR file, or an Standard Services Build (SSB) repository. You can also choose to install any number of patches, hotfixes, plugins, and trusted certificates for your new Docker environment.

The database and IIQ objects (via init.xml) will be installed on startup.

The container startup script will also automatically detect the SERI (the demo image supplied to partners) or Accelerator Pack infrastructure in your WAR file and install it for you.

This container image supports both SQLServer (the default) and MySQL databases.

See the README.md for more information about options and setup.

Demo environment

The repository also includes a set of helpful demo objects which you can use to quickly build an entire demo or POC IIQ system. This includes a pre-populated HR database, a partially populated LDAP server, and an SSH (Unix connector) endpoint.

Another version of this post appears on SailPoint’s Compass forums.