Unlock New Possibilities with IIQ Common Library

At Instrumental Identity we have created a custom Java library specifically designed to elevate the IdentityIQ developer experience.

Our custom Java library is a treasure trove of utility classes, custom connectors, and reporting classes. Each component is meticulously designed to boost productivity, simplify complex tasks, and extend IdentityIQ’s capabilities.

Key benefits of our custom Java library include:

  • Streamlined Development: Our library’s utility classes simplify common coding tasks, helping developers to write clean, efficient, and reusable code.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Our custom connectors enable seamless integration of IdentityIQ with a broad range of systems and applications.
  • In-depth Reporting: Our reporting classes offer the ability to generate comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports that provide valuable insights into your IAM environment.

If you’re seeking a way to improve efficiency, increase connectivity, and gain deeper insights in your IdentityIQ implementation, here are some in depth feature our library provides.