Automated Deployments

Push your changes faster more reliably effortlessly

With our DevOps solution you can build and deploy your changes with whatever platform fits your needs. Whether be it application based like Tomcat Manager or via Infrastructure  platforms like Ansible, our solution offers my options.

Multi-Environment Building

One of the biggest causes for long deployment times is the build process. This process becomes exponentially more tedious the more  environments your organization has. Our DevOps solution handles builds in a simultaneous manner allowing you to create builds for single production environments to development, testing, prod and many more in the same amount of time. These build artifacts are stored in easy to access (by IAM engineer) locations and organized by branch so your repository artifact size limits are never a hinderance and artifacts are always available for troubleshooting and debugging.

Your application artifact is ready when you are

Application Artifact Deployment

The major reason for implementing a CI/CD pipeline is to remove the need for human interaction during the deployment process. We take this a step further by not only automating this process via one of our many built in deployment platforms but also take snapshots of the application before deployment so no changes are ever accidentally blown away.

Configuration Artifact Deployment

Much like our Application Artifact Deployment we offer many options for ensuring your configuration files are properly uploaded to your application. We take it further by not just providing a holistic snapshot but snapshoting every live configuration artifact in your environment to a repository ready file. Our deployment also provides error checking and upload retry so you aren’t hunting for that one file that didn’t deploy correctly.

Object Snapshotting in seconds

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