Regression Testing

QA and testing done right

Our all-in-one DevOps solution provides completely automated regression and QA testing features to offload the repetitive tasks a QA faces during a release and eliminate the possibility of human error.

Disconnected Testing

A common argument we hear when it comes to onboarding new apps is “how do we test if we only have a prod environment?” Our DevOps solution offers a disconnected testing harness capable of running actions such as provisioning events without touching your sensitive environment. This also means there is not need for testing cleanup once the QA team has finished their reports!

Hands-Free Remote Unit Testing

Our solution can perform tedious tests that would usually require a developer interfacing with the IAM UI to trigger specific events from a remote build server or engineer’s workstation and derive easy to read text based results showing a clear pass or fail with automated suggestions to help a engineer resolve a found issue. This feature also gives the developers to develop their own unit tests using the IAM platforms preferred scripting language. In the case of IdentityIQ, a developer can simply write a BeanShell rule in our popular open-source rule runner plugin and feed this rule into the pipeline as a unit test to be ran before and/or after deployments. The testing possibilities are only limited to your creativity!

UI Based Web Testing

Some IAM teams may require QA to capture explicit screenshots of the environment or direct usage of the UI during tests as a part of their testing procedure. We offer flexibility in what UI based testing framework works best for you from widely utilized web testing frameworks like Selenium to more cutting edge frameworks like Cucumber or PyAutoGUI. This ensures your QA team doesn’t need to learn the IAM platforms preferred scripting language or limit them to a single testing platform.

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