Linting and Code Review

Prevent errors from deploying

Catch bad coding paterns

Our all-in-one DevOps solution contains a wide range of pre-deployment testing tools all meant to be ran in line with your existing or new CI/CD pipeline.

XML Syntax Linting

While IAM platforms like IdentityIQ attempt to lint xml artifacts during deployment, it can be time consuming, inaccurate, and narrow in its scanning scope. We’ve built a linting tool from the ground up that can process an entire mature IAM project repository in a fraction of the time and produce detailed reports highlighting the broken xml artifacts. These reports detail where the issue is in the xml artifact, the reason for the issue, a possible solution and when viewed from a repository pipeline result, a link to the xml in the web IDE for quick bugfixes.

The tool also has the ability to analyze llinting errors and automatically open SCRUM/Kanban board stories containing the error in question and provide a point value to the story based on the analyzed complexity. This ensures a IAM team never loses sight of small remediation tasks…

and the best part about this tool is that it only takes a single line to implement it to your pipeline yaml!

Code Checking

Although code checking may seem like a broad term, our code check tool provides a broad range of functionalities that help to enforce good coding patterns and catch those warnings that become errors in future product releases!

Some of the many features include:

  • Missing token checking
  • Comment checking
  • Naming Convention checking
  • Java import wildcard checking
  • Plain text password checking
  • Log Level checking
  • Workflow Trace Checking
  • Deprecated class checking

And more…

All these features include reporting features which like XML linting can be viewed locally, within the repository, or via automated story creation!

Repository Badging

With this many features it can be difficult to navigate the many reports and outputs. Our DevOps solution eliminates this usability issue and automatically handles repository badging complete with dynamic linking to the reports you’d like to see. With these badges you can have insight to the health of your IAM project at a glance.


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